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A fantastic tool for noninvasive analysis for the study of the conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system.

The parameters of joint mobility, coordination, muscle power are essential for the assessment of the state of our musculoskeletal system in both physiatric and sport. The possibility to measure objectively them allows to plan the intervention strategy, to evaluate the effects of treatment, to prevent injury.

Wiva® REHAB is an intuitive and easy to use: the tests are very quick to perform and report generation is automatic with the immediate comparison of the results with classes of normality.

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Just born, but it comes from far.

Wiva® REHAB is the complete solution and innovative programs for injury recovery: making use of the technology used since 2007 in Free4Act and small inertial sensor-based with wireless transmission. The system implements protocols for assessment and monitoring of joint function and muscle strength during the rehabilitation of a certain district of the musculoskeletal system. Wiva® REHAB enables the physiotherapist and / or rehabilitator to use objective data to monitor progress of the recovery and ensure the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program and allows the patient to evaluate his physical state throughout the rehabilitation process.

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Wiva® REHAB offers the possibility of the therapist:

The indexes returned by Wiva® REHAB are:

Through the use of the program BIOMECH
you can have the following applications:

Joint Mobility

Measures the ROM (Range of Mobility) relative to the joints in active and passive condition defining any pain levels associated with the movement itself. it is possible the measurement of all joint angles in all directions of the movement. And it is possible to run tests in fast way using the sensor connected to portable devices (smartphone or tablet) or directly to your computer.

This test returns:


Jump is an innovative and comprehensive analysis of the explosive force of lower limbs during tests of vertical jump in place. It is based on the use of inertial sensors with wireless transmission via Bluetooth and the data acquired are displayed in real time on is used in any environment (indoor / outdoor) and on any surface (sand, grass, and snow):

Are evaluated the following internationally recognized tests:

The results returned are those commonly used in athletic training and scientific research:


Provides a measure of muscle power in real time. By direct measurement of the force applied to the load during a weight lifting exercise, is determines the speed with which the load is moved, and consequently, the power delivered by muscle group involved in the exercise.

The purpose of the power module are:

The results returned are those commonly used in athletic training and scientific research:

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